16 Sep

CONCERNED about HIVE health – beekeeping expert opinion needed
NEW VIDEO – ever seen this in your beehive? On your brood frames? On your bee larvae? What do you think it is? We are perplexed somewhat, as these black spots are distributed throughout the frame on all larvae, but the pollen cells are clean. The consistency and distribution of the black smears or spots is very even, that we think it is not bee smoker and ashes related. In which case, what is this? Can anyone help?

We have researched the issue and cannot find anything conclusive. Please take a look at the video and let us know in the comments section or via email if you have experience with this, seen it in the past or perhaps are aware of the issue and perhaps how to treat this.

The beehive that this frame was extracted from was perfectly OK. The video is taken 1 day from its extraction from the hive, so you can see ants crawling around, but they would not be the cause of these black markings. Could it bee fungus? Hopefully nothing more serious like AFB or EFB, even though these symptoms are not indicative of those. No other similar symptoms exist in the beehive itself and the queen is laying fine. The colony is very strong, possibly too strong and is getting ready to swarm as we approach spring and warmer temperatures. If there is a treatment we should investigate, please let us know.

We appreciate all beekeepers opinions, feedback and advice. Especially from the experienced and expert beekeepers. Your time and input is much appreciated. Hopefully its something minor.


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