17 May

DIY honey EXTRACTOR in action. Homemade honey extraction beekeeping 101

DIY honey EXTRACTOR in action. Homemade electric four frame spinner beekeeping 101

Dear beekeeping enthusiasts and fellow beekeepers. Here is the much awaited DIY Homemade electric four frame beekeeping honey extractor in ACTION. Visit our beekeeping supplies store if you need any beekeeping equipment or an extractor. http://www.mahakobees.com/store.html.

This honey extractor is of a very heavy duty build. We are surprised at how well it help up during our test honey extraction of about 50 honey frames. The honey was fully capped and the room temperature was approximately 27 degrees Celsius (80.6 F), so the honey was removed from the honeycomb frames with little effort. Most beekeepers contemplate building their own DIY home made extractor, and this one is truly a rock solid honey spinner. It barely moved as the belt drive increased the speed. It suits four frames, of any size. In this beekeeping 101 video, we used the IDEAL sized honey frames, but the electric #extractor with a speed controller can easily accommodate any size. The honey gate at the bottom of the food grade plastic extractor drum makes it easy to slide a #honey pale or bucket directly underneath. We used a course honey strainer or a sieve to remove any larger pieces of beeswax that may have fallen into the freshly extracted raw honey.

honey extractor in action

honey extractor in action

All in all, we were impressed with how well this homemade DIY honey extractor worked.

It was not very safe, with electric speed controller and wires exposed, and the belt drive that used a washing machine motor with a fly wheel is also rather dangerous. But, it works. Hopefully, you can get some inspiration from this video, and perhaps give building a four frame honey extractor in your own beekeeping shop.

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Enjoy your #beekeeping… and the healthy raw honey!

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17 May

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Beekeeping is a fun hobby. You get to learn about the #bees, food cycle, #Pollen, #Honey, #beeswax and all things related to #beekeeping industry such as the different beehives, beekeepers tools and different methods for keeping bees, maintaining bees and managing various parasites and bee related illnesses. If you are successful though, you get to share in the spoils of the honey bee.  Once the beehive and the bee colony living within it grows to strong and healthy size, they will start to to produce more honey than they can consume. In late spring to early autumn usually. At these times, you get to harvest a few frames per hive and extract the liquid gold that has been gathered by the bees and capped over with a thin layer of perfectly white beeswax capping.

Once you rob a beehive of its fresh honey frames full of raw honeycomb, you need to extract the honey. There are many tools and methods you can choose to achieve this. If you are only a small backyard beekeeper, you will most likely not have at your disposal a honey extractor or a spinner, and nor would you need one either. You can use a simple crush and strain method which is simple to do and very cheap to make the equipment for. Although this is a more labor intensive method, and will also completely destroy the honeycomb foundation, you can easily extract 20-50 honey frames in this fashion and also recover enough beeswax a few raw beeswax candles as well. In our video, we give you a few tips on how to extract honey using the crush and strain method. We also take a close up look at the fresh raw honey we extracted and reveal some of the health benefits of honey, propolis, and beeswax. Enjoy the video, thumbs up and share. To support our channel, we invite you to subscribe. Every vote counts, and we would be happy to have you along for our beekeeping journey.
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