19 May

DEAD honeybee closeup but THE LEG TWITCHES??? – beekeeping 101 tutorial

DEAD honeybee closeup but THE LEG TWITCHES??? – beekeeping 101 tutorial. 

We wanted to show a closeup of bee anatomy and picked up a dead honey bee in the apiary to do so. The bee was dead for at least 30 minutes, perhaps more. As we recorded the video over a few takes, all of a sudden, the dead bees leg started twitching. Very awkward moment, and rather unexpected. We gather this is normal and it is just the nerves, but none the less, it can surprise even beekeepers. In any case, the bees are a beautiful creature, a social animal that goes through an amazing number of phases in its life, and its skills, tasks and roles constantly change, right up to the last moment of its passing away. Bees are certainly one of the most amazing insects on planet Earth, and we should all study and respect them for what they are and what they do. Yes, all creatures contribute in many mysterious ways, but the bees (and ants and termites for that matter) seem to have a power we don’t yet possess. They are a completely independent creature, yet completely dependent on the social network they live within. They know nothing, yet know it all. They seek only the best for their beehive and not even fear of dying stops them from striving to achieve the greater good of the many and the cost of itself.

Hope you enjoy this rather sad video, but death is part of life, and the bees live theirs to their maximum potential, and we should celebrate that. Have a honey toast or a spoon of honey in your tea, and ponder what tremendous amount of energy and commitment went into that single delicious sweet nectar

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Music composed, performed and provided by Groovey – Adam Kubát a Pavel Křivák

You can visit their website on: http://www.groovey.cz/.

Also, a big thank you to Kelvin McLeod for his kind contribution of royalty free tune – Touching Moments Four – Melody. We appreciate your work.

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