10 May

honey bees SLOW MOTION flight at beehive entrance Beekeeping 101

Slow motion video of Australian Mahakobees Honey Bees (Apis Meliffera) flying in and out a beehive in an apiary and the guard bees close up. This video shows the honey bees entering and leaving the beehive in slow motion. It is interesting to see the guard bees checking each bee as it enters the hive. We have entrance reducers in place to reduce the potential threat of hive beetles, wax moth, competitive robber bees, or yellow jacket wasps entering and causing damage to our bees. You can also see that some hives have a landing strip and some don’t. We are trialing different configurations to see which is best, but at this stage, it seems to make little difference to the honey production, hive health and strength or the general daily activities. If anything, the landing strip would seem to spread the guard bees a little more, and perhaps opening up the hive to larger threat of unwanted guests entering. We will see what the long term effect may be.

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