09 Jul

His first QUEEN BEE sighting EVER!

His first QUEEN BEE sighting EVER! The Young Beekeeper

His 1st QUEEN BEE sighting! How EXCITING! Our young BEEKEEPER got his bee suit on, smoked the beehive, and searched for the honeybee queen. AND found her Royal Highness! Visit our blog on http://www.mahakobees.com/blog for many great videos and articles.

Beekeeping with kids is EASY. Yes, there are some costs to get started, such as the beekeepers suit and veil in a small size, but such a bee suit will cost you around $70, which if you buy it 3 sizes over your child’s current size will last you for many years. As will the small beekeeper gloves and any other items you may wish to purchase from your local beekeeping supplier or an online beekeeping store for your young budding beekeepers. If you have siblings, they can easily share and or pass down the line their suits as they get older.

Either way, it is a small investment for a fantastic cause as your kids will love the fact they are out there in the field with you working the hives in your apiary. They get to see nature in action, they feel like they are contributing, learning new skills, they gain an understanding of not only the honey bee life cycle, but the cycle of life in general. They will get to witness how the honey bee colony its social networks operate. Your children will also gain respect. They will quickly learn, that frustration, anger, or short tempered behavior will not get them very far in beekeeping, and a few stings later, they will automatically begin to adjust their actions and behavior accordingly. Oh and let’s not forget, they will also understand, that honey does not just drop from the sky by magic. It takes hard work by both the bees themselves and the beekeeper, but always make sure you reward your children for their hard work with plenty of the the amazing liquid gold so they can learn the different taste profiles honey has depending on which flowers are in bloom at that time. Honey will display different colors, density, aromas, flavors, and will be either in abundance or a scarce resource for the bees. All this will educate your child, you will spend quality time together, and make everyone feel good.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our Beekeeping with kids playlist for some inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfE6cWwwWKohLHWVc60tgnU3HzLUSGqXo

If you are new to beekeeping or don’t have a beehive as yet, then you should start by contacting or visiting your local beekeeping association, which will provide you with lots of useful information, such as your local council regulations, licenses or registrations you may need to adhere to, they will show you and tech you the basics, possible provide you with access to a beehive so you can test the waters to see if you are ready to embrace all the tasks of a beekeeper, and then, if all goes well, get a beehive. You can do this in a form of an established hive, a small starter hive or a nuc box, or purchase (or build your own hive) and order a package of 3,000 or so bees with a queen which you can then install into your new hive. There are also many interesting books we recommend you read, and we have a list of these on our blog: http://www.mahakobees.com/blog, so come and visit us and look around.

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•Website:                  http://www.mahakobees.com/blog

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Music composed, performed and provided by Groovey – Adam Kubát a Pavel Křivák. You can visit their website on: http://www.groovey.cz/. Also, a big thank you goes to Kevin McLeod for providing his royalty free music “Cipher2”. We appreciate your kind contribution – (incompetech.com).




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