09 Jun

How to clean STICKY propolized hive tool under 30 seconds – Beekeeping 101

How to clean a STICKY propolized hive tool under 30 seconds
Beekeeping 101

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We show you one of the fastest methods to clean and sterilize your hive tool
after each beehive inspection. The beekeepers hive tool will be quite dirty,
sticky and have beeswax and propolis all over the tool. This poses a problem,
where the beeswax and propolis and honey itself may harbor dangerous infections,
diseases and parasites which you do not want to transmit, transfer or introduce
from one hive to the next. It is therefore very important that you clean the
tools between each hive visit.

The method in this video we argue is the best, fastest and most
useful after both in your workshop and out in the field. So long as there are no
fire hazards or fire restrictions in and around your apiary, you can easily
carry a portable or pocket size butane blowtorch with automatic ignition switch
and your hygiene routine will be much faster and easier to implement between
each hive you visit.

This may not be the ultimate solution, but it may be useful
to add it to your bag of tricks for your next visit, or after. When visiting
several hives in one inspection, you need to clean the tools for the above
mentioned disease related issues. You can have several clean and sanitized hivetools ready to go, one for each beehive, all separated in plastic zip lock
bags, or have a spray bottle with some 1 to 10 concentration of bleach and
water which you can spray onto your J hive tool and dry off with a rag or a
towel. This will however not remove any of the propolis, wax or honey, thus the
tool will remain sticky and still have the potential to carry diseases within
the beeswax and propolis globules even after it has been sprayed or submerged
in the bleach solution. This is a good starting point and is useful for washing
your hands and or beekeepers leather gloves, but it really is only a partial
solution, and does not remove the threat completely.  
So we think this butane blowtorch method is perfect, if not
the best way to achieve high level of sanitation and keep diseases at bay. It is
perhaps more difficult to carry a spray bottle and a towel, as it is to carry a
slim line propane blowtorch with an automatic self-igniting switch.

One word of warning! You are dealing with fire, butane, and
extreme heat, so wear protection, take care and keep out of reach of children.
Beeswax is also a flammable substance, and your apiary will often be located in
long grass or at a forest edge, so always exercise caution and use this method
with utmost care. Your business insurance or home and content insurance may not
cover you.
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