06 Jun

Beekeeping with KIDS PLAYLIST: Where kids get involved in beekeeping activities – young future beekeepers.

Beekeeping with KIDS – a NEW playlist on our channel. Take a look!

We have a new playlist on our YouTube channel, which you can visit via our http://www.mahakobees.com website. The website is still under construction, however we are constantly creating new and interesting beekeeping videos and keep posting new content. We try to create videos that are unique, helpful and fun to watch. Its all about bees, beekeeping, honey, beeswax, propolis, pollen, nature, and many other family friendly content. We discuss the health benefits, the pros and cons, and the good and the bad of beekeeping, but this little update is all about the kids and beekeeping, so we would like to invite you to click on the playlist and let us know if you like them, have suggestions and feedback, and recommend new topics if you like. 

We appreciate your time and look forward to having you as a permanent subscriber to our MahakoBees beekeeping for everyone channel in the future: https://www.youtube.com/user/mahakobees

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