04 Jun

Beekeeping 101 – HIVE TOOL review Beekeepers essential equipment

Beekeeping 101HIVE TOOL review Beekeepers essential equipment

Beekeepers HIVE TOOL review. We take a look at 3 hive tools. J shape hive tool, American style hive tool and the frame lifter/grabber hive tool with a scraper. Visit our MahakoBees channel at http://www.mahakobees.com for many great beekeeping videos. A hive tool is absolutely essential for any beekeeper. It should be part of the standard kit which includes a beekeepers suit, veil, and the smoker. The hive tool is used to open the hive lid or cover, to separate the honey supers and brood boxes, to break the seal on the queen excluder, to scrape off access propolis and wax, especially the burr comb, and to remove the honey frames and lift them out of the hive boxes. It can also be useful for cutting out undesirable honeycomb, queen cells, and to squash hive beetles.

There are many hive tools. Many styles, types, shapes and colours. Each is usually suitable for a specific job, situation, hive design or geographical locations. Some are large, some small, some painted and some stainless steel. It is therefore very hard to recommend any particular hive tool design, because each beekeeper will have their own preference, but in this video, we review the three we decided to use in the end, and we identify the one we would choose over any other. The J hook style beekeeping hive tool. It is light, flat, stainless steel, and it is simply the best performing tool we have ever used to date, for our situation. 

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