31 May

CRUSH, STRAIN, TASTE honey extraction method by our young beekeepers

CRUSH, STRAIN, TASTE honey extraction method by our young beekeepers

CRUSH, STRAIN, TASTE honey extraction method – a younger generation twist on the traditional crush and strain method. This video is rather emotional and will definitely bring a smile if not a tear into any beekeepers eye. In our view, almost every beekeeper is a very kind and considerate human being with a patient, family oriented, committed and loving soul. There is nothing better than engaging your children or grandchildren in the most rewarding activity known to man for centuries – beekeeping. And the fail proof way to get them started is to involve them in the simple honey extraction process itself. Yes, the good old crush and strain method. The little enthusiastic and motivated helpers in this video take it just that one step further though, which most seasoned beekeepers seldom do. They TASTE test the honey — frequently! They do this of their own accord, without any training, supervision, or enforced motivation. And they do this very often! Yes, honey must be good for you. The proof is in the pudding so to speak, or in this case, inside this honeycomb frame, and subsequently evidenced in this short video.

So, if you are ever presented with a chance to keep bees and would like to take up the challenge of becoming a beekeeper, even if it is a single small hive in suburbia or on a roof top in the middle of a busy CBD, we strongly recommend you do take up the challenge. Especially if you have little children or grandchildren you can share the beekeeping joys, pains and pleasures with. It will be the most rewarding hobby you will ever undertake, not only for yourself, but also for the younger generations. Sadly, not many young people consider beekeeping a hobby of choice and not many realise how important these social insects are to our way of live and our reliance on being at the top of the natural food chain. 

Once you expose yourself and your kids to the amazing social honey bee phenomenon, your life will begin to change for the better of its own accord. You will be amazed with how bees live, grow, reproduce, manage and coordinate their activities within the colony, and you will begin to draw parallels between our human social networks. Ultimately, you will unavoidably become far more in tune with nature and respect it. You will seek improvements in your interactions with nature, your way of life, and the impact you as an individual have. Whether you like it or not, you will become a better person inside and we strongly believe your children will benefit too. They will not only benefit from the beekeeping hobby and related activities itself, but it will also bring you as a family closer together, get them away from the hypnotic wavelengths of television and computer games, and as they grow and learn, they will gain understanding that the sterile approach to nature that our modern way of life brings may need to be adjusted and improvements implemented. Hopefully, our future on this planet Earth will be more harmonious as a result… one beekeeper at a time.

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Music composed, performed and provided by Groovey – Adam Kubát a Pavel Křivák. You can visit their website on: http://www.groovey.cz/

Also, a big thank you goes to Kevin McLeod for providing his royalty free music “Touching Moments Four – Melody”. We appreciate your kind contribution.

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