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DRONE EVICTION – drone bee sentenced to DEATH by worker bee!

DRONE EVICTION. Male drone is sentenced to death by eviction. Unique bee behavior. See the worker bee chew on her brothers wings and evict him from the HIVE.

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This video was a lucky take of a drone eviction. It shows a closeup of the bee hive entrance as the worker bee evicts her brother the drone bee from their bee colony. It is winter here, and the bees are still evicting their drones mercilessly. As the queen bee reduces her egg laying activities, the worker bees forcefully push the drones out of the bee hive in what is referred to as the drone eviction process.

The male drones don’t have a stinger and as such, are powerless against the worker bees (their loving sisters) even though they are 30 percent larger in mass. Only a few will remain in the hive as a precautionary backup plan should the queen fail to continue to lay eggs for any reason. The worker bees would kick off the supersedure process and immediately begin nursing an egg into a new queen. Several of them at a time in fact and the first one would typically kill the others before they hatch by stinging the queen cell with her stinger. Only the queen can sting repeatedly without loosing her venom sack. The queen stinger lacks the return hooks and is more like a wasp stinger. the Queen stings rarely though otherwise.

drone eviction honey bee

drone eviction

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