06 Aug

QUEEN CELLS CUPS – original Beeswax cell vs fake Plastic cups. Beekeepin…

QUEEN CELLS – original #BEESWAX made by bees vs man made PLASTIC queen cups. Visit our beekeeping blog and beekeeper supplies store at http://www.mahakobees.com/blog.


We take a look at queen cells or otherwise known among #beekeepers as queen cups. The bees frequently make their own original beeswax versions inside the #beehive, usually due to the beehive is either ready to split the colony and #swarm into a new location, or for supercedure of the aging or otherwise under performing or in the sudden absence of queen bee. In the case of a queen dying for some reason, the colony is not queen right, and as such they must quickly create several queen cups or cells and place any freshly laid eggs inside and begin feeding the select few royal jelly. The queen cell is much larger than a normal worker bee cell or in deed a drone cell. The egg and subsequent bee larvae that was destined to become just another worker bee will now be fed exclusively large amounts of the honey bee produced royal jelly, and this will trigger it to develop into a queen bee rather than the worker bee. Nonsense you say? Well… in a way, you are right. This is kind of a miracle on many levels. Not only will the egg develop into an entirely different creature physiologically, but its lifespan will also increase rather dramatically. A typical worker bee will live for about two months and perhaps longer during the winter months, whereas the queen bee can live for six or more years!!! Yes, rather impressive! And all because it was fed a different diet! That’s it. No other magic. No wander many scientists are studying this amazing substance and are hoping to find a formula to this elixir of life.
In any case, we look at the difference or similarities of the original honey bee made queen cell which is entirely made from beeswax to the exact specification that is consistent in all hives right around the world, and the fake, man made plastic queen cells or cups beekeepers use in larger operations to produce new queens in large quantities. Beekeeping often requires new queen bees to build up populations for honey flows and other pollination services, and in such circumstances, it is faster and financially viable for #beekeeping operators to simply purchase already fertilized queens. It saves time and increases production. 
What amazes us, among all the other amazing facts about the bees, their colonies, social interactions and natural instincts is their ability as a collective to monitor their colony as a complex collective and manage all their workers, drones and queen bees without any other input. Completely by instinct it seems. Unless we are missing something and cannot see the writing on the wall or listen in at the #bees frequency or dimension. Beekeeping is an eye opening hobby. We encourage you to join a beekeeping association, subscribe to our channel and click the thumbs up to help us spread the word about honey bees and their tremendous importance in our lives.
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