23 May

Flow hive beekeeping Photo review by MahakoBees

Flow hive beekeeping Photo review by MahakoBees

Go with the flow – #FLOW HIVE is finally here! You can now take a look at our pictures of this close up inspection. The Flow hive beekeeping video review will be uploaded shortly to our Videos page, but you can also visit us on YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/mahakobees. What about you? Did you invest into this revolutionary #beehive? Have you seen it in person? Have you used it? What are your thoughts? We are keen to discuss all the pros and cons. Is it a winner or do you have concerns. Click any hive image below to see the full set of closeup photos!

Flow hive beehive beekeeping review

Flow frame is very flexible

Flow hive beehive beekeeping review

Observation and honey extraction points

Flow hive beehive beekeeping review

Flow hive beehive beekeeping reviewThe honey frame

Flow hive beehive beekeeping review

Honey extraction beehive beekeeping review

Flow hive beehive beekeeping review

Flow beehive observation window beekeeping review

Flow hive beehive beekeeping review

Flowhive beehive beekeeping review

Flow hive beehive beekeeping review

Flow honey frame beekeeping review

Flow hive beehive beekeeping review

Flowhive beehive beekeeping review

Flow hive beehive beekeeping review

Beehive photo review by MahakoBees

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17 May

DRONE EVICTION – male bee sentenced to death by Worker Bee

Click to WATCH DRONE  EVICTION VIDEO: https://youtu.be/PWSBfbAixo0


DRONE EVICTION – a male bee sentenced to death by #Drone Eviction performed by his own sister, the worker bee. Unique bee behavior. See the worker bee chew on her brothers wings and evict him from the HIVE. http://www.mahakobees.com. Our blog http://www.mahakobees.com/blog has many interesting #beekeeping videos and articles. Come and check it out and help our #beekeepers save our #bees which are currently under great threat from pesticides, pests, viruses and colony collapse disorder! Once thee bees go, we will struggle to feed ourselves.

This video was a lucky take of a Drone Eviction, as it shows a closeup of the bee hive entrance as the worker bee evicts her brother the drone from their colony. It is winter here, and the bees are still evicting their drones mercilessly. As the queen bee reduces her egg laying activities, the worker bees forcefully push the drones out of the bee hive.

The male drones don’t have a stinger and as such, are powerless against the worker bees (their loving sisters) even though they are 30 percent larger in mass. After the drone eviction period, only a few will remain in the hive as a precautionary backup plan should the queen fail to continue to lay eggs for any reason. The worker bees would kick off the supercedure process and immediately begin nursing an egg into a new queen. Several of them at a time in fact and the first one would typically kill the others before they hatch by stinging the queen cell with her stinger. Only the queen can sting repeatedly without loosing her venom sack. The queen stinger lacks the return hooks and is more like a wasp stinger. the Queen stings rarely though otherwise.

So, as this video shows, beekeeping is a very interesting hobby. Should you be considering joining the beekeeping industry, come and visit our blog for more information as to what beekeeping entails, what to expect, helpful information on how and why to get started and visit our store for useful books, tools of the trade, even the hives and all things related to beekeeping – http://www.mahakobees.com/store.html.

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01 Mar

Homemade electric honey extractor. A beekeepers review of a beekeeping spinner

A beekeepers  review of a homemade heavy duty four frame electric honey extractor. Visit http://www.mahakobees.com/store.html if you need good quality extractors.

This beekeeping 101 video looks at a DIY homemade four frame honey extractor that can accommodate any honey frame sizes. From ideal honey frames to full depth frames. It has a built in speed controller, and is mostly made out of washing machine parts. It is belt driven, has a large food grade bucket with a standard beekeepers honey gate at the bottom of the extracting barrel. The stand is very heavy duty, and holds up very well even if the honey frames are uneven in size or weight. Extracting honey can be difficult without a fully automated and motorized honey extractor, and we found this one in a garage sale for a couple of hundred dollars. We did not build this extractor, but if you have, and are watching our videos, let us know and we will be happy to mention your name or link to you beekeeping website.

Hope you enjoy this short video. We will follow up with another video so you can see this four frame stainless steel motorized homemade beekeepers honey extractor in action, or also often referred to as a honey frame spinner.

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27 Jul

SUPER productive bees in our Nuc box BEEHIVE

SUPER productive bees in our Nuc box BEEHIVE – beekeeping equipment 

NEW VIDEO – Custom Made Nuc box BEEHIVE decorated by bees themselves. http://www.mahakobees.com/store.html looks briefly at our custom made beekeeping nuc hive which our hyperactive and super productive honey bees filled to the brim with burr comb and golden honey. We also show you a close up of our handmade wooden hive entrance reducer which assists new bee colony splits in protecting their hive entrance until they grow in numbers.
super productive bees - Mahakobees

super productive bees – Mahakobees

So when would a budding beekeeper use such a small beehive, or a nucleus beehive? These hives are typically used for splitting your colonies or to relocate a small swarm of bees if you are lucky enough to find one. The hive itself can come in many forms, shapes and sizes. Standard width is 4 or 5 Langstroth style full depth frames and the hive body itself is usually made out of wood, much like a normal full size brood chamber would be with an entrance and a top cover. There are also polystyrene and cardboard versions available in various local beekeeping supplies outlets, but these are used for transportation generally. The nucs can also be user to raise queens if you have lots of beehives and want to save money on re-queening. Once you order one (or better yet, make one), it is usually flat packed like other timber beehives and needs to be assembled. It functions exactly the same way as a normal full size hive would, but the space is smaller and most importantly, the hive entrance is much smaller in width, which enables the new guard honey bees to protect the colony from being robbed, attacked or invaded by pests such as the wax moth and small hive beetles. We add an additional adjustable hive entrance reducer which further restricts the opening because the bees in their first few days after migration only have a few guard bees available for hive protection, so the reducer helps by reducing the opening further minimizing their exposure to external threat. Once the bee colony fills up all the frames and you have a healthy fertilized and laying queen, you can either migrate them to a full hive or add a second level to the nuc. You will need to make that decision depending on where you live and how strong your bee colony is as well as other factors such as the season you are in, availability of food and flowering plants, and availability of your beekeeping equipment.

super productive bees - Mahakobees

super productive bees – Mahakobees

If you are interested in splitting your hives and making your own bees or would like to try rearing your own queens, or you just like the look of these hives, come and visit our simple online #beekeeping supplies eStore at: http://www.mahakobees.com/store.html and have one shipped to your door today.

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MahakoBees beekeeping

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14 Jul


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kh_zYrlLHUc) Beekeeping honey frames are essential beekeeping equipment for any beekeeper. Backyard beekeepers or young bee keeping beginners need to learn how assemble frames and how to embed beeswax foundation sheets into a wired honey frame. This video covers that in detail. All parts can be sourced from our online beekeeping supplies store at http://ift.tt/1yAK5Iy at great prices, especially if you order bulk beekeeping frames, wax sheets, or hive components. Visit our store and get started in your beekeeping hobby.This video is the last part of our beekeeping equipment series that looks at honey frames specifically. Watching all the below beekeeping frame assembly videos will teach you all you need to know. PART 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRWxK2zc4qQ
PART 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=–xHCd9k4kk
PART 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fltI7Zcg3bQ
PART 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLDLg0P-9hUIf you are a new beekeeper that has one or two beehives, you may be interested to learn how to save your already wired frames after extraction. This video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LJeMEf2lN0 shows a very simple method of removing beeswax foundation honeycomb structure after it has been extracted. It is wise to replace beeswax foundation every year or two to reduce the likelihood of diseases in the bee colony. The wax does not go to waste as you can melt it down and reuse for new foundation sheets or for many other craft projects such as candle making, cosmetics and so on.We hope these videos are of use to those considering joining the beekeeping community and possibly getting a beehive of their own, or those that may have a few hives already and are simply seeking new ways of doing things. We appreciate your support, so do give us thumbs up if you feel we deserve it, subscribe and share the links.Visit us on http://ift.tt/1opiWHi for lots of new content.
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