23 May


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Quick way to wire bee hive frames without a BEEKEEPING frame wiring rig

Quick way to wire bee hive frames without a BEEKEEPING frame wiring rig


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Beekeeping frame wiring is usually involved among other wide variety of regular bee equipment maintenance tasks such as honey bee frame repairs, making new beehive frames, wiring bee hive frames, cleaning propolis and beeswax, or replacing beeswax foundations. This needs to be done throughout the beekeeping season, but during the off season, typically in late autumn, winter and early spring, beekeepers get started with building new or replacement beehives, honey supers, and the all important honey bee frames. We have several videos on how to build a strong and long lasting timber frame from scratch, in great detail, so skip through as required:




This video covers wiring a Langstroth style honey bee frame, without a custom built beekeeping frame wiring rig. A frame wiring rig is an excellent tool to have, but realistically, unless you are a high volume beekeeper that has the need to manufacture large volumes of honey frames on a regular basis, a rig is usually not required. Our video shows you the tools required, and the step by step process close up. It is not the best way or the only way, but a way that works for us, is cheap, fast and very efficient. As a beekeeper, using this method, you are not tied to a bee workshop as the tools are light, and little space is required. We manage to wire a frame in 2-3 minutes.

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