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DIY MULCH from a BANANA tree – Save money and make you own mulch. NEW http://ift.tt/1q4NHBv VIDEO

DIY MULCH from a BANANA tree – Save money and make you own mulch. If you have a banana tree, you know that there is a lot of leaves and spent banana tree trunks you need to deal with. It is best to use a machete to cut the banana tree down (a banana tree is in fact a herb, rather than an actual tree). You will need a good quality and very sharp machete to do this as the banana trees can get quite large. If you need assistance with finding one, here is a couple of links to machetes we found to be great:

1 – http://ift.tt/1uNbl72

2 – http://ift.tt/1uNbl74

3 – http://ift.tt/1r0aL0F

After a banana tree trunk fruits, it no longer produces any fruit, so it is important to cut it down so the tree can use its energy for new shoots and subsequent fruit. As you can see in the video, we cut the banana tree down, strip the leaves, and place the trunk on grass. Then we use the machete to cut slices off the trunk. those we then cut in halves or smaller pieces. The banana tree consists of cardboard like layers, much like onion rings, but each ring is a dense cardboard like structure, making it an excellent heat and water insulator. It is also far superior to any hay or grass clippings as it lasts much longer in your garden. We place these under and around our trees and the veggie gardens to prevent water evaporation and reduce the growth penetration of weeds.

Give it a go. Its fast, easy, and free saving you money and you no longer need to go to the tip either. A win no matter how you look at it. So if you have a green thumb, have a banana tree and own a machete, give the DIY Mulch from banana trees a go.

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